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Our Methods

At Peaceful Pups Dog Training we strive off of positive, science based methods such as force free and LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive). We set out to use the most humane and effective tactics in order to achieve a desired behavior. We achieve these behaviors through a variety of techniques including, shaping, positive reinforcement, and errorless learning.


The dog industry is wildly unregulated. Certifications prove a trainer is dedicated to their craft, indicating they have put time, money, and effort to learn not only about how dogs learn but how to best help their owners. At Peaceful Pups Dog Training our staff is either certified or working on their certifications in an effort to provide quality training and education to both pup and person!

Our Clients

Private Lessons

One-on-one training lessons. These lessons can occur anywhere, from your home to your pups favorite park! Private lessons are very beneficial for families who want to be an active part in their pets training and education. In addition to this, we will be focusing on your specific training goals.

Puppy Socialization

For puppies 6 months and younger:

The first 16-20 weeks of your puppies life is crucial for socialization. These sessions provide safe socialization and constructive play during this period. These sessions allow us to provide a more personalized socialization experience for you and your pup. They will learn various skills from how to coexist with you in your home as well as in public and in distracting environments.

Day Training

With day training, I train your dog for the day and teach you how to maintain these skills. These sessions are perfect for owners who work full time, have hectic lives, or just want to help provide more training and enrichment for their dogs!

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